Victorian Lampshades

Fine Embroidery, Inc. is offering One of a Kind Luxury High End custom lampshades and restoration of antique shades.

Lampshades are made with finest craftsmanship and attention to the details. Each lampshade is handmade to order. Everything is made in New York, USA. You may choose exclusive hand embroidery. Allow up to 8 – 12 weeks for completion.

Price depends on the design and complications of work.

Basic sewing – $200 – $300 (depends on a lampshade’s size)
Price depends on a frame’s shape, quality of the fabric and trims of your choice.

Additional Costs:
– price of the materials and wire frame
– price of the embellishments (You may choose an exclusive hand or hand guided machine embroidery.)
– price of the fringe trim (It could be a simple upholstery fringe trim or hand beaded one, according to your interior design preferences. Hand beaded fringe trim could significantly increase the price of the lampshades because of the cost of the beads and manual labor.)

Reproduction of Victorian’s style lampshades is so important to those, who are able to appreciate these unbelievable beauties.