“…Her skills are impeccable… I can always count on Lana for her expertise. Lana has been able to bring with her, and carry forward, a wonderful art and skill, which is so important to those of as who are able to appreciate this unbelievable finery…”

Caroline Brackenridge,
Monogram Designer
Monogram, Inc.


Fine Embroidery, Inc. offers custom monogram design. Whether you prefer Victorian or Modern, we can design your individual monogram, and we are able to recreate it with the same 19 and 20 Century style that has been long admired.

We can embroider on bed, bath and table linens, chair backs, headboards, guest towels, handkerchiefs, tooth fairy pillows, ladies nightgowns, wedding ring pillows, and even your finest cashmere sweater. We can monogram your silk purses and shoes as well.


Fine Embroidery, Inc. can also restore and recreate your antique embroidery pieces inherited from your grandmother, repair missing beadwork, or holes in your fine table linen.